Saturday, 9 August 2008


I arrived in York yesterday afternoon after spending an hour or so looking for B&Bs to stay at. Everything was so expensive (around 100 a night) until my friend Gordon drove me to the outskirts of York and I found a lovely B&B for just 60 a night (yes, I've found that this is cheap in England). Thankfully, my room includes a nice queen size bed and a bath all to myself! Last night I've never slept better.

I spent all day in York...or shall we say, in the York Minster. It was raining all day so I purchased a ticket for the Minster that allowed me to explore anywhere. In between exploring the grounds and the crypt, I attended a Holy Communion service as well as an Evensong later in the day. The Holy Communion was interesting because as we were celebrating in the nave, tourists were still roaming around and even stopped to watch us. I felt like I was on display.... but if the Minster was going to have a great ministry, Holy Communion during midday is it. What better way to minister to people than by observing the Eucharist while people wander around treating the beautiful building as nothing but a historical landmark. The services allow the building to come alive and make people realize, who otherwise would not, that people still find God there today.

Thrilled to see the Minster, I will be heading to Edinburgh tomorrow.

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